Bradlee Interview

Bradlee Interview

We recently spoke with Bradlee Pease, one of our Assistant Quantity Surveyors at Appleyard and Trew, on his time at the company and his courses.

Hi Bradlee, thank you for taking the time to chat with us, can you tell us a little bit about your studies?

I am currently studying at Leeds Beckett university towards a RICS accredited degree in Quantity Surveying on a day release 2 year top up course. Alongside this, I am currently training for my RICS chartership which I hope to complete by 2023.

How has A&T helped to support your with your course?

A&T support me throughout my course by providing me with a key role on all types of projects whilst providing guidance when required to ensure a high-quality service is being provided at all times. I was able to shadow experienced staff and even partners to learn on the job which helped me enhance my skills and give me actual knowledge to put toward my courses.

How did you find working and studying from home throughout Covid? Did Covid cause any delays with your course?

I think I found working at home the hardest due to it being harder to get assistance from other members of the team when required. However, we dealt with this well by keeping up with Microsoft teams meetings which was reassuring to know I could always get help if I needed. Throughout Covid my college course carried on with weekly lectures being held online, this meant I didn’t fall behind on my learning thankfully.

What is your favourite sector to work in and why?

I love working on heritage projects, despite them probably being the most challenging from start to finish, maintaining the originality of heritage buildings whilst making vital changes is very rewarding upon a successful completion.

What are your work goals for the next 5 years?

I hope to attain my RICS chartership and build a network of likeminded professionals which will hopefully allow me to be able to solely and successfully run my own jobs which meet both the budget and time constraints. With all of my training and support from A&T I hope this is reachable before 5 years.

How do you juggle learning and working at the same time?

I try to be organised and manage my own schedule and workload. A&T are supportive when I require assistance both in my learning and working life, they are a very understanding team and are aware that everybody has their own personal lives as well as trying to succeed in the professional world.

What are your 3 best tips for someone learning on the job?

Don’t be scared to ask a question, always ask for help when required, try shadow senior staff members to aid your development

What is your favourite thing about working for Appleyard and Trew?

The support I receive on a daily basis not only with my university studies and APC training but to become a better quantity surveyor in the long run. I enjoy the team atmosphere and welcoming office space along with the ability to learn from all different levels of Surveyors.

Thank you for answering our questions Bradlee, we hope to be celebrating your University and APC completions soon!

Crystal Chan, Hong Kong to England

Crystal Chan, Hong Kong to England

We recently spoke with Crystal Chan, Quantity Surveyor in our Manchester office on her big move from Hong Kong to England and how the industry varies internationally.

Moving from Hong Kong and relocating in England, leaving family and friends behind is a big move. What led to your decision to relocate from Hong Kong and how are you settling in? Yes, relocation in UK was really a great challenge for me since I had to leave my parent and friends, gave up my stable job and substantial income to start my ‘second life’. It is not easy to make such decision even I have never visit UK before. However, when I see my children growing up healthily with happy faces always and we sustain work-life balance in here, I think it’s worth for me to take this option . I’m so fortunate that my family haven’t spent too much time settling in and everything is fine right now.

How long have you worked in the construction industry and why did you choose this industry as a career? How did you get into the industry? After completion of bachelor’s degree in university, I started my career in a small cost consultant. It was already more than 20 years ago! I haven’t stepped into other business other than quantity surveying.
Having attended a seminar when I was in secondary school, I believed being a quantity surveyor would obtain job satisfaction and stable remuneration. Hence, I picked a course of quantity surveying in university. Eventually, I think it’s not too far away from what I expected at all.

How does your job as a quantity surveyor in the UK differ from your previous role in Hong Kong? Are the types of projects much different? My previous job in Hong Kong was working in a quasi-governmental organization to monitor expenditures with different fund sources and to vet consultants’ deliverables for campuses projects. After relocated, I am in a consultant now to participate some heritage and conservation projects. Such kind of projects is very intriguing for me since I have never come across in my past.

What are the biggest differences you are finding in your day to day work between the construction industry in England and in Hong Kong? Do you see any big differences in the material/ technical specifications on projects in the UK? I find the major difference is that consistently work overtime of staff (without extra pay!) is expected by Hong Kong employers whilst I can obtain balance of work-life with my family in here that work overtimes are just happened occasionally. As most practices for Hong Kong construction industry are derived from UK, I don’t think too many divergences of specifications between two places. However, some materials or designs that usual in UK are seldom appeared in Hong Kong. For instance, external facing brickworks, timber construction and pitched roof, maybe due to differentiation of climate.

What do you enjoy most & least about life in Manchester? What do you miss most about life in Hong Kong? Manchester is a place that I can’t complain. Convenient in transport, dining, shopping and many amusement places around. Only the one I dislike is the weather since Manchester is too chilly during winter! The most I missed in Hong Kong is that I was always gathered with my family and friends for trying different delicious cuisines and feast.

Do you think there are more opportunities for women in construction in the UK, compared to Hong Kong? I haven’t felt any difference in both places from my experience. I believe nowadays most employers focus on competence of candidate instead of gender. On the other hand, I feel female tends to be more popular in construction industry in recent years, especially working with contractors.

How do you like to unwind outside the office? I like to explore different scenic places by driving all around when out of work. Having leisurely dinners with much chit-chit and laughter with my family and friends is also a way for me to unwind.

And finally, what attracted you to working at Appleyard & Trew? I would like to join a prestige company with smart professionals to start my career in UK whilst Appleyard and Trew is a reputable consultant in UK founded over 50 years, I truly think this is the company I want. Of course, office location is one of the attractions for me. I am also appreciated of company’s flexibility when I need to take care of my kids as well. So grateful I have nice bosses and colleagues that they tolerate me a lot and I can get along with them easily.

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